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About Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one of the leading departments of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tripoli (UOT), as it was established with the faculty establishment in 1961, and has continued since that time to perform its primary mission in graduating successive batches of engineers in its three specializations.

Communications Engineering Section

Electrical Power Engineering Section

Computer and Control Engineering Section (established in 2002)

The graduates of the department actively participated in the movement of development in all sectors of production and services in the Libyan state.,

The department also contributes to providing scientific and advisory services to the community and solving technical problems in its fields of specialization. It manages Its scientific and research program, through 49 staff members in various related disciplines. A number of teaching assistants and laboratory engineers and administrators also contribute in the department’s work. In view of the good reputation of the department and the rapid development in its field of specialization, the demand of students to enroll in the department programs is constantly increasing. In fall 2023 semester, the number of enrolled students in the department reaches 1,250 students, 60% males and 40% females.

The department also contributed in preparing the necessary cadres for the educational process, whether inside the department or in the corresponding departments in other universities and higher institutes, through a postgraduate program. This program was started in 1980. Most of the staff members in the department are participating in it. More than 100 engineers were obtained their MSc. Degree until spring 2022 semester, and over 60 students are currently enrolled in the program.

The department has also been accredited a to teach and grant a doctorate degree through a complete program prepared by a group of department staff members. This program is expected to be launched soon, in cooperation with the corresponding departments in other prestigious international universities.

The implementation of the study program to obtain a bachelor's degree requires ten semesters and contains 149 credits distributed as follows:

    -     56 credits in general courses

               (10 Humanities – 30 General Basic Science – 16 General engineering sciences)

    -    48 credits in the basic specialized courses that are binding to students of all sections

    -    39 credits in specialized engineering courses

    -    6 credits in elective courses

Facts about Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Bachelor - Electronic and Communication Engineering

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Bachelor - Control and Automation Engineering

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Master - Telecommunications Engineering

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Who works at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has more than 54 academic staff members

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Prof. Ali Ahmed Ali Ganoun

Dr Ali Ganoun received the BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Benghazi, Libya in 1988, the MSc. degree in Telecommunication from University of Tripoli, Libya in 1996. He received the PhD degree in Signal and Image processing from University of Orleans, France in 2007. He is currently the Director General of University of Tripoli Research, Consultant and Training Center, University of Tripoli. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tripoli, Libya. Prior to joining University of Tripoli, he was a Lecturer at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering faculty of Engineering, University of Benghazi, Libya. He worked as a researcher at the Research Laboratory for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (LIVIC/LCPC- INRETS), France. His research interests include areas of Telecommunications systems and Signal and Image Processing.