Bachelor in Applied Engineering

Faculty of Engineering - Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


It is concerned with the mechanical (structural) design of systems and various mechanical parts in cars, elevators, power stations, oil refineries, handling systems, production machines, robots and others. This division is also concerned with studying methods of reducing the impact of vibrations and noise and finding effective solutions to them. This division is also concerned with the means and techniques of automatic control, mechatronics, computer design, analytical study of robots, and research in the field of organic mechanics.


• Preparing engineers specialized in applied mechanics who are able to compete in the labor market.

• Apply knowledge of mathematics and basic sciences and concepts of engineering sciences to solve problems in the fields of applied mechanics engineering.

Linking theoretical studies with their practical engineering applications

• Apply analytical and methodological tools and methods to design, evaluate, and develop mechanical components and systems.

• The ability to analyze engineering and deep scientific thinking


A Knowledge & understand

Understand the foundations of basic sciences, mathematics, physics and engineering sciences to solve engineering problems

2. Describe the concepts of applied mechanics in the field of machine theory, mechanical design, vibrations, control systems, mechatronics, and measurements in a scientific and engineering way

3. Understanding of engineering analysis and evaluation criteria for different types of machines and mechanical systems

4. Explanation of design theories and their application mechanisms.

5. Understanding scientific thinking methods in facing engineering problems

6. Describe the working principles of mechanical devices and experiments related to the field of applied mechanics

 B Mental skills

By the end of the program, the student will be able to:

1. Using the acquired mathematical, engineering and mechanical knowledge in solving engineering problems.

2. Engineering analysis of the mechanisms of mechanical elements and systems

3. Application of design codes and standards in the analysis and design of mechanical components and systems.

4. Applying design theories and steps according to specific methods to solve mechanical design problems

5. The ability to design systems and components that meet the specific needs of engineering problems

6. Creative thinking in analyzing and interpreting data and results.

 Practical & professional skills

By the end of the program, the student will be able to:

1. Designing mechanical elements and systems using engineering programs

2. Mathematical modeling of machines and mechanical systems

3. Using different methods and tools for measurement

4. Conducting experiments and measurements, analyzing and interpreting results

5. Preparing engineering drawings and designs

6. Engineering evaluation, developing solutions and proposing alternatives to the problem under study.

 Generic and transferable skills

By the end of the program, the student will be able to:

1. Work effectively within the work team and coordinate and communicate with team members

3. Using engineering software

4. Writing technical reports

Certificate Rewarded

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, field of applied Mechanics Engineering

Entry Reuirements

Complete one of the following courses:

  theory of Machines  or stresses  analysis 1 or mechanical vibrations 1

Study Plan

The Bachelor in Applied Engineering prepares students to qualify for Bachelor in Applied Engineering. The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 10 Semesters of study, in which the student will study a total of 149 units, which include 56 units of general subjects, and 17 major units, 12 of elective units. In addition to a final project in the student's major.

Study plan for this program is shown below:

1st Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
GE121 03 General +

GS111 03 General +

GS101 03 General +

GH150 02 University requirement +

GH141 03 University requirement +

GE129 02 General +

2nd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
GE129L 01 General GE129 +

GH142 03 University requirement GH141 +

GH151 01 University requirement GH150 +

GE127 02 General +

GS102 04 General GS101 +

GS112 03 General GS111 +

GS112L 01 General GS111 +

3rd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
GE222 03 General GE121 +

GS203 03 General GS102 +

GS115L 01 General +

GS115 03 General +

GE125 03 General +

GE133 03 General GS101 GS111 GS115 +

4th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
ME210 03 Compulsory GS102 GS111 +

EE280 03 Compulsory GS101 GS112L +

ME201 03 Compulsory GE127 +

GS206 03 General +

GS200 03 General +

GS204 03 General GS102 +

5th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
ME306 03 Compulsory GE222 +

GH152 01 University requirement GH151 +

ME309 03 Compulsory GS200 GS203 GS204 +

ME206 03 Compulsory GE129 GE133 +

ME204 03 Compulsory GE121 GE133 +

ME202 01 Compulsory GE129 GE129L +

6th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
ME205 03 Compulsory ME204 +

ME325 03 Compulsory GE222 GS204 +

ME215 03 Compulsory ME206 +

ME315 03 Compulsory ME206 +

ME302 03 Compulsory ME210 +

7th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
ME317 03 Compulsory ME302 +

ME322 03 Compulsory ME302 +

ME312 03 Compulsory GE222 GS203 ME210 +

ME301 03 Compulsory ME201 ME205 +

ME261 03 Compulsory +

8th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
ME303 03 Compulsory ME205 +

ME318 03 Compulsory GH152 ME306 ME312 +

ME326 03 Compulsory GE222 +

ME330 03 Compulsory EE280 GE222 GS204 +

ME365 03 Compulsory GS200 +

9th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
ME**1 03 Elective +

ME492 03 Compulsory +

ME451 03 Compulsory ME330 +

ME425 03 Compulsory ME325 +

ME405 03 Compulsory ME301 +

10th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
ME**5 03 Elective +

ME**4 03 Elective +

ME**2 03 Elective +

ME599 03 Compulsory +

ME**3 03 Elective +

Elective Subjects

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
مك 435 Modelling and Simulation of Mechanical Structures 03 Elective ME325 +