Department of Aeronautical Engineering Faculty of Engineering

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Ahmad Abdussalam Mohamed Almkhlufi


Master degree

Academic Rank

Assistant Lecturer


Education & Qualifications:
B. Sc. Aeronautical Engineering (Spring 1998), Faculty of Engineering, University of Tripoli.
M. Sc. Aeronautical Engineering (Spring 2013), Faculty of Engineering, University of Tripoli.

1. “The development of engineering education to meet the needs of the community”, Saleh R. Gashoot and Ahmad A. Al-Makhloufi, Third forum on engineering education, Building partnership with government, industry and society, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 14-15 October 2003. [In Arabic Language].
2. “Studying the effect of the shape on the performance of the Darrieus rotor”, Ali M. Elmabrok and Ahmad A. Al-Makhlufi, World renewable energy and environment conference (2006 Tripoli-Libya)
3. “Evaluation of Fuzzy Model Reference Learning Control for Yaw angle control”, Ahmad A. Makhlufi, Abdulhamid A. Ghmmam, and ATahir EL Hashan, International ICASAT2007 conference, Tripoli-Libya, Apr. 2007.
4. “Buckling of plates on a foundation with different types of sides support”, Dr. Ali N. Suri, Ahmad A. Al-Makhlufi, ICMAE 2013: International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Bangkok, Thailand, December, 24-25, 2013.
5. “Local buckling of web-core and foam-core sandwich panels”, Dr. Ali N. Suri, Ahmad A. Al-Makhlufi, ICAMAME 2014: XII International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering, Dubai, UAE, April, 8-9, 2014.
6. “Aircraft Motion Simulation in Time Domain- A Useful Tool in Flight Mechanics”, Abdulhamid A. Ghmmam and Ahmed A. Makhlufi, ICEER2014-McMaster; International Conference on Engineering Education and Research, Hamilton, Canada, August 24-26, 2014.
7. Abdulhamid A. Ghmmam, Saad E. Issa and Ahmed A. Makhlufi, “Training Aircraft Design and Development Program: Towards Technology Transfer”, International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; ICMAE 2017, Toronto, Canada, May 29-30, 2017.


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