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The Faculty of Medicine, at University of Tripoli, is one of the first medical colleges in Libya, as it was established in 1973 within the University of Tripoli. Since its inception, determination has been made to provide medical education of outstanding quality, which is based on our true religion, built on seeking knowledge and mastering work. In this mission of establishing an educational system, the Faculty of Medicine was able to prepare distinguished doctors with high cognitive abilities and skills who were able to meet the health needs of individuals and society. They were trained to have the ability to communicate and work within teams, and to acquire the skills that guarantee them the ability to self-education and develop their capabilities for scientific research, innovation and completion postgraduate studies in any of the medical specialties. They were also trained to practise the medical profession anywhere in the world with full efficiency, with commitment to the ethics and conduct of the medical profession.


The science of medicine has witnessed great developments in recent decades as a result of the information and communication technology revolution. It has been credited with improving the medical service. Therefore, the Faculty of Medicine prepared a plan to develop the Faculty’s curricula, focusing on the use of advanced technologies in various fields of medical education in order to be able to prepare distinguished and qualified doctors equipped with modern medical information. Recently, the University has opened a Medical Skills Center to be a supporting pillar to educating students in advanced stages with clinical skills. The Faculty is currently striving to follow the quality system in curriculum planning in pursuit of adopting its updated curricula. It also seeks to develop its infrastructure, complete building maintenance and provide the latest laboratory and research equipment. It is also concerned with community problems and is keen to provide it with qualified medical staff who are able to efficiently deal with health problems and work on supporting the continuing education. The Faculty train graduates to play an active and creative role in the medical field with the ability to actively participate in solving community health problems, producing distinct research programs and participating in international medical competitions.


Since its inception, the Faculty of Medicine was able, with determination, will, firm faith and great confidence among all its workers, to achieve its plans. It offers a guide that reflects the objectives of the Faculty and defines its working mechanism to enable students and faculty members to perform their tasks with full transparency and clarity.


The Faculty Deanship adopts and encourages scientific research and seeks to establish a system that guarantees every effort and knowledge that help staff to contribute their best. This is an affirmation of our deep belief that the Faculty is for all and everyone is encouraged to assist in its advancement. Therefore, this is a call for everyone to contribute to the advancement and development of this Faculty, and to culminate the effort made by faculty members, employees and students in achieving excellence to provide the best local and scientific medical services by increasing medical knowledge and improving the level of health system in Libya.


In the end, I congratulate the new students who have joined us, wishing them excellence in the various stages of medical education.


The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tripoli aspires to be a distinguished leader in modern medical education, relying on advanced scientific methods in graduate studies, scientific research and continuing medical education programs. It is among the first medical colleges that are capable of graduating doctors with highly competitive capabilities, enabling them to provide excellent health care and services.


The Faculty of Medicine aims at building an educational system based on high-quality pedagogical programs that stimulate creativity and lead to the graduation of competitive doctors. It also aims at training students to apply all professional ethics and care for social values in order to improve the health status of society, and pledge to support scientific research to achieve the best medical services.


The Faculty of Medicine works on:

·         Graduating qualified doctors who are able to provide health care in hospitals and other medical units with great attention to primary health care.

·         Linking education in medical schools with basic health needs so that the doctors are able to identify and confront community health problems.

·         Building a partnership with research and educational institutions at the local, regional and international levels to develop the educational process and medical research and solve community health problems.

·         Improving educational effectiveness by reviewing and developing medical education programs to achieve the vision and mission of the Faculty.

·         Developing the capabilities of faculty members to keep pace with the continuous development in medical education.

·         Developing educational resources and allowing optimal use of these resources.

·         Adopting long-term CME (Continuing Medical Education) strategies and continuous evaluation strategies for clinicians.

·         Providing and developing graduate studies programs to qualify cadres with distinguished competence.

·         Establishing an integrated health system in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, and work on developing manpower strategies.


The Faculty of Medicine adopts a mechanism to achieve these goals:


·         Continuous development of programs and study plans by importing every new breakthrough in the field.

·         Linking scientific disciplines to the needs of the labor market.

·         Employing medical programs and courses to serve community health.

Expanding opportunities for student participation by raising awareness and fighting all kinds of diseases.


The Faculty of Human Medicine values:



Respect and appreciation





Equity and equality

Teamwork and cooperation

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We are proud of what we offer to the world and the community




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