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The Quality and Performance Evaluation Office (QPEO) at the University of Tripoli seeks to achieve the aspirations of the University in developing all academic, administrative and research practices. It sets an integrated strategic plan for continuous improvement and development in the fields of education, scientific research, community service and environment. This is aimed at promoting a culture of quality and academic accreditation among the university’s faculty members. The office also seeks to strengthen and deepen the bonds of cooperation between the relevant academic and research institutions at all local, regional and international levels to benefit from their experience in improving and developing the educational, research, administrative and training processes.


The QPEO was established on April 2007 by the decision of the University President No. (744) of 2007 to work directly under the instructions of the president of the University. However, It is currently one of the administrations that works under the auspices of the University’s Vice President for Scientific Affairs. The Office adopts an organizational structure that is in line with the legal frameworks applicable in the University. It exercises the terms of references entrusted to it according to stipulations of universities and higher education institutions organizational structures.


The QPEO has four administrative departments equipped with all requirements and currently has ten employees. It has no financial resources or an independent budget. The website of the Office is http://qpeo.uot.edu.ly and it offers information that can be of interest to visitors.


The Office is currently working to raise the level of quality in all university units and facilities on the basis and reference of quality assurance and accreditation standards issued by the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of educational and training institutions.

The Office embarked, between April 2007 and July 2009, on a three-year work plan aiming during the first year at spreading a culture of quality, during the second year at internal quality scrutiny, and during the third year at external quality scrutiny. Then work began on preparing a strategic plan for the quality office that consisted of the Office's vision, mission, values, and goals. This strategic plan has been converted into an action plan covering the period (2011-2016). Besides, the office issued a SWOT analysis report.

For the time being, the office is endeavoring to upgrade quality in various faculties and their departments, putting a description of the curricula in accordance with local quality standards that were issued by the National Centre for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education Institutions (NCQAAETI) in Libya.

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Quality and Performance Evaluation Office has more than 1 academic staff members

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Abdalmotaleb Mohamed Al hashemi Hasen

c.v Name: Abdul Muttalib Muhammad Al-Hashemi Hassan Date and place of birth: 1970 Tripoli Current rank: Assistant Professor Acquired date: 2021 Work Address: Faculty of Education, University of Tripoli Department: Class teacher Email mut2008lly@gmail.com Nationality: Libyan Qualifications  Date and place of obtaining a bachelor's degree in 1994, University of Tripoli.  Date and location of the master's degree holder, 2004 Academy of Graduate Studies, Tripoli.  Date and Place of the Ph.D. Degree 2015 Cairo University. Practical and work experience  A faculty member at Al-Zaytoonah University 2008-2006 with the rank of assistant lecturer.  Faculty member at Al-Zaytoonah University 2015-2019, with the rank of lecturer.  Faculty member at the University of Tripoli 2020, with the degree of lecturer.  Collaborating faculty member in some Libyan universities. Research papers:  Research entitled "Criteria for selecting teachers of basic education in Libya in light of quality standards" Journal of Educational Sciences, issue twentieth, Ain Shams University, 2012.  Research entitled “The Extent of the Practice of Secondary Education School Principals Some Leadership Styles of Principals in Libya in the Light of Some Variables” Journal of Educational Sciences, Issue Eleven, Ain Shams University, 2013.  Research entitled “Developing Academic Supervision Services in Faculties of Education in Libya in the Light of Contemporary Trends”, Rewaq al-Maarifa magazine, issue 5 and 6, 2016.  A research entitled “A comparative study of the institutional governance systems of universities in South Africa and Zimbabwe and the possibility of benefiting from them in Libya”, Anwar Al-Maarifa magazine, third issue, Al-Zaytoonah University, 2018.

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